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There’s a lot of information out there about parenting and the what to do, but parents have told me, the what to do doesn't always clearly show them how to do it. The Parenting Dojo will discuss how to do the what to do with fundamental principles of parenting.


Unconditional Love (20:37) - The primary emotional influence in helping kids learn and grow and develop healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.


Structure (14:24) - Creating order and predictability in our children's lives.


Choosing Consequences (18:08) - Three principles to follow when choosing consequences.


Verbal Verbal Action (12:26) - When your method isn’t working, change methods.

Payment in Full (8:02)  - Letting consequences be completely enough to do the teaching.


Not Compounding Consequences (9:16) - Staying focused on the first infraction.

© Masaki M.Yamada 2019​

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